Große Silbermannorgel im Dom St. Marien

Silver sound and handicraft

Exhibition on organ builder Gottfried Silbermann

For more than 100 years, Freiberg was the heart of Saxon organ building and of a unique organ landscape that has been preserved over large areas to this day. From 1711, the famous baroque organ builder Gottfried Silbermann had his home and workshop at Schloßplatz. Here, 300 years ago, he created 45 of his world-famous organs. Today, the Silbermann House is a modern exhibition that brings the fascination of the organ and the unique craftsmanship of organ building to life. It is deliberately aimed at well-informed organ lovers as well as people who are coming into contact with the subject for the first time. The lovingly furnished historical show workshop and the playable Silbermann organ model make the organ an experience for all generations.

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Listen to Silbermann - Concerts, Festival & Competition

With its four preserved historic Silbermann organs, Freiberg attracts music enthusiasts and organ experts from all over the world. Visitors can hear the special sound at numerous concerts.

Gottfried Silbermann Tage

Organ festival: international organ music stars and top-ensembles make the region next to Dresden submontane the Ore Mountains resound - every two years in September.


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