Freudenstein Castle

New spirit within old walls

Historical substance – substantially redeveloped! Freudenstein Castle is a prime example of a creative as well as sensitive reconstruction of the town's historical heritage. The four-winged construction in the heart of the Old Town dates back to the 16th century. Margrave Otto, the Rich, had ordered to build Freudenstein's predecessor castle for the protection of the town as well as of the silver mining around 1175/80. In the late 18th century, the castle was converted into a granary. It then fell more and more into disrepair.

After total renovation, Freudenstein is now home to two collections of world renown as of the end of 2008:

Adventures in a new variety

Various events taking place in the castle's courtyard. From June to September the courtyard becomes the cultural centre of Freiberg: "Freiberger Sommernächte" draws the crowds with concerts, theatre, parties, movies and public viewing. In the winter season there is a big skating rink in the courtyard of Freudenstein Castle where young and old as well as professionals and beginners can enjoy ice-skating.

A house within a house

Although only the outer walls of the former castle have been preserved, Freudenstein is nevertheless a truly special place. Once the cradle of some of the Saxon electors, venue of a ducal wedding and at times residence of Saxon rulers, today it is perhaps the most modern archive building in Europe. The "house-in-house solution" as a separate building in the shell of the church wing offers the archive the necessary climate and security conditions. Even the terra mineralia presents itself as modern: from the glory days of the castle, the former kitchen now serves as a " treasure chamber" in this area. The courtyard also appears contemporary. Here stony crystals offer a taste of the mineral collection and the visitors are received in a modelled mine tunnel of concrete and glass.

Romance is in the air in the round tower. Here couples can be wed in the so-called Rose Room.

A castle as key to "Freiberg 2010"

Freudenstein Castle is part of the overall project "Freiberg 2010". In addition to extensive renovation and restoration measures, this includes a whole bunch of projects pertaining to all classes of society – from urban development and economic promotion as well as the implementation of cultural events through to social measures for the integration of various demographic groups. Mayor Bernd-Erwin Schramm describes experiencing the old castle with its new and exciting purpose as follows: “Experience a castle steeped in history which is all set for the future. Experience Freudenstein as a combination of living tradition and a future-oriented modern world.”


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