Silver mine

With over 800 years of tradition and more than 1.000 ore lodes, the silver mine in Freiberg is one of the largest and oldest silver mines in Saxony. The “underground Freiberg” stretches over an area of 30 square kilometers under the Silver City. With its all-in-all route system of 2.000 km of ore lodes it is one of the biggest silver mining areas in Europe. In its history of mining the silver mine produced about 8.000 tons of valuable silver and Freiberg became Germany’s Silver City.

Immerse yourself in a world full of secrets and discover testimonials of the past. On different tours 60 to 180 meters below the surface mining of the 14th to 20th century can be experienced first hand.

Open-cast mine "Old Elisabeth"

A gem of Freiberg's mining history

The mine shaft from the middle of the 19th century is still largely as it was when the last miners left it in 1913. As part of the Himmelfahrt Fundgrube (Assumption Mine), the mining facilities of "Old Elisabeth" have also been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Montanregion Erzgebirge/Krušnohoři since 2019. Experience exciting insights into the history of mining and the working lives of the miners who laid the foundations for the prosperity and technical progress of an entire region here.

Silver mine "Reiche Zeche"

150 metres deep and 20 kilometers long

Even from a long distance the steel pit frame is guiding the way to the mine. The conveyor cage takes visitors down to 150 meters below ground. Once you get there experienced guides will take you on different tours with an all together length of 20 kilometres. Take your chance and learn about the history of mining in Freiberg, the geology of the ore deposits and the mining engineering of a drift mine.

Reiche Zeche / © Paul Schmidt/599media
Reiche Zeche / © Paul Schmidt/599media

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