Historische Altstadt / © Paul Schmidt/599media

Medieval Old Town

The medieval part of Freiberg´s old town is carefully restored and many buildings are listed. Since 2019, Freiberg is part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří". Visitors are able to enjoy a completely undestroyed ensemble. Not anly there are fascinating buildings and interesting impressions, visitors can also feel something special here: The flair of a medieval city, where tradition is lived and preserved to this day. In this spirit: Welcome to freiberg with a hearty "Glück auf!" (German miners´ greeting)

Medieval Upper market (Obermarkt) with Town Hall

The medieval Obermarkt with its joined and completely restored buildings forming the architectural centre piece and is one of the most attractive market squares in Germany. The impressive late gothic patrician houses with traditional steep pitched high roofs, form a line flanking the 15th century Freiberg Town Hall.

Historical Untermarkt

The Untermarkt is something like the little brother of the Upper market (Obermarkt) and worth seeing as well. The name comes from its height above sea level: about 391 metres – 10 metres below the Upper market (Obermarkt). It marks the transition between the two districts Sächsstadt (Saxon City) and Burglehen.

Donats Tower and city wall

The Donats Tower next to the Jakobi Church is 35 metres high. The tower is the most impressive tower of the city wall. Established in the 15th century, the tower protected the Donat Gate. The tower is the only round tower in the town fortification.

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